About The Metiss Group

We don’t change the way our clients operate, we transform the way they think. As experts in behavioral science, we apply the scientific rigor of our proven process to your most important asset, your people. Our proven processes reinforce established principles and sophisticated business perspectives. The result is that the solutions we deploy are real, repeatable, and sustainable.

Creating engaging teams nationwide.

We are changing the way talent is found in every industry, in any market, with companies of any size. From independent local organizations to large nationwide corporations, we have tailored recruitment solutions that work for their specific needs.

With offices in both Metro Detroit and Charlotte along with modern remote conferencing abilities, we are able to help companies anywhere in the U.S. get the people they need.

Our Core Values

Total Being

Put the oxygen mask on yourself first
Take care of ourselves before our clients, and our clients will be better taken care of


Skate to where the puck is going to be
Anticipate our client’s needs before they realize them


Find a way
Get creative with client and colleague requests and general problem solving; no “can’ts”


Three Musketeers
Regardless of restraints, do what’s right for the team and have personal integrity to do it whether someone sees it or not


Understanding others
Positively impact the people with whom we interact; apply behavioral intelligence to professionally show people we care

About Our Name…

In 2011, we decided to rebrand from our previous HR Advantage, Inc. name.  The reality was we did not do HR work so we spent more time telling people what we don’t do then digging into what their talent issues were.  As we explored new names, we stumbled upon Metis who was the Greek Goddess of Wisdom and Good Counsel.  As we reviewed all the greek gods and goddesses (there are tons!) looking for one that came close to “trusted advisor,” Metis came screaming out as the perfect choice!  We eventually decided to add an extra “S” taking it from Metis to Metiss because we thought it would help in the correct pronunciation.  She’s been a great mascot, if not inspiration for how we approach our clients in a desire to Make A Difference.

Meet Cyndi Gave

President of The Metiss Group

Cyndi has been leading The Metiss Group since 1996, but learned her passion for people long before. Raised outside of New York City, Cyndi earned a degree in Communications from Michigan State University where she taught public speaking as an undergrad for two years.

Cyndi’s human behavior studies started first with an international temporary staffing company, reshaping their job matching and business model to earn the branch Profit Center of The Year.  Cyndi would go on to hold executive roles in HR departments for automotive, property management, distribution, publishing, and robotics industries. She has demonstrated her passion for aligning talent management strategies to business objectives throughout her whole career.

A business leader at heart, Cyndi has found her niche to impact business results best through advising leaders in their quest for an effective employee selection process, the means to accelerate employee performance, and strengthening organizational health.  Cyndi is the true driver of The Metiss Group and has expanded The Metiss Group’s proven processes from Metro Detroit to all of North America. Cyndi is a certified resource for Vistage in North America and is also a repeated speaker to EO, Renaissance Executive Forum, Convene, and countless industry groups.  When not traveling, Cyndi can be found as close to the ocean as possible or on the golf course! 

meet the metiss group team

John joined The Metiss Group in the early years to create and streamline delivery processes.  Relying on over two decades of experience working with emerging organizations through growth and performance initiatives, John was able to accelerate the company’s growth. He draws experience from his software development, systems engineer, and distribution center management days to assist The Metiss Group and their clients create more predictable results through consistent process application. John also plays a crucial in developing new markets for The Metiss Group, relying on his experience expanding new product lines into multiple countries.  

 John’s day-to-day focus is product development for The Metiss Group and constantly keeps a pulse on the happenings in the business world.  His incessant “student” mentality allows The Metiss Group to stay on the cutting edge of technology and behavioral sciences.  John is recognized as having developed revolutionary job matching and performance acceleration processes for The Metiss Group clients.  While Cyndi goes out to “make it happen”, John works behind the scenes to “make it work”.  

Michael Phillips has recently joined The Metiss Group as Executive Vice President, Business Development. He has responsibility for sales strategies and works to  help businesses reach their full potential using proven processes and sophisticated principles of behavioral science. Michael has extensive experience and knowledge in Operations, Sales, Marketing, SAAS Development, and supporting complex consulting engagements.


Michael has a reputation of helping companies along their business development and operational journey. He has a successful track record in a corporate environment as well as a 15-year history of repeated success in building entrepreneurial companies. Michael’s main attribute is a strong understanding of how to analyze data and make recommendations based on that data to ensure the growth and profitability of a company.


Michael lives in Charlotte, NC with his wife and 4 children. When not deep in the trenches of work, you can find Michael on the pitch refereeing soccer.

Donna is The Metiss Group’s longest tenured employee, joining Cyndi when there was only a desk and a phone! Relying on her longevity with the team, Donna looks after many of our long term clients as her own and has made long lasting changes in how our clients find and grow their team. Donna brings Fortune 500 experience in HR, Finance, and Risk Management. Donna’s dig deep mentality makes her the reference check queen! Her ability to get information on candidates allows our clients to make a highly educated hiring decision.  Donna truly loves to Make A Difference, The Metiss Group’s purpose.
Sara has been with The Metiss Group for close to 10 years and has a true passion for people. Originally from Ontario, Sara learned early on the importance of culture fit interning for her dad at a finance company during her college years. Sara truly loves working with our newer clients to help them truly understand what they need from their team.  The greatest value she finds is helping our clients understand what they need to grow and making it a huge success for them. 

Anne is our Team Mom and keeper of Cyndi’s calendar! Anne has been with The Metiss Group since 2013 and has revolutionized how productive we all can be. Anne is amazing at coordinating events, meetings, and sessions behind the scenes for The Metiss Group. Anne’s high attention to detail makes sure our logistics are handled without a hiccup and our deliverables are in perfect order. Anne’s diligent follow up and follow through make sure nothing at The Metiss Group falls through the cracks! 

Morgan holds a BSBA with a concentration in Human Resource Management from Central Washington University.  Her career path includes working as a General Manager for high end luxury fitness boutiques in New York city and serving as a Talent & People manager for Apple, overseeing the Global Flagship store on 5th Avenue in New York city.  At The Metiss Group, she looks forward to being a trusted advisor to our clients and helping them find the right people for their key roles using behavioral science and business expertise. Morgan will also be providing human resource support in diverse areas of business.

Informally a part of the team since 1996, Jeremy Gave officially joined the team in 2016 after a 21 year interview (clearly The Metiss Group is serious about selection!!). Jeremy resides in Charlotte, NC and leads the Carolina’s market for The Metiss Group. Having grown up in and around The Metiss Group, he has assisted in the assessment learnings of John and Cyndi, taking his first suite of assessments at the age of 10! Jeremy relies on his High D and High I to bring new, creative ideas to The Metiss Group as well as their clients.


After being raised with an orientation to behavior analysis and attentiveness, Jeremy graduated from Michigan State University from the Eli Broad School of Business with a degree in Hospitality; he has practical work experience at several renowned hospitality venues as well as a NC IT staffing company.


In addition to contributing to our general focus as Behavior Experts At Work, Jeremy will be leading the efforts for our new service offering focused specifically on the “ground floor” employees. Jeremy’s high Utilitarian challenged the team to retool our already proven selection process to be scaled down and completed within days. Now, the assessment, comparison, and interview schedule can be completed within minutes!


When Jeremy is not in the office, he can generally be found on the golf course or cheering on his beloved Detroit Red Wings and Michigan State Spartans.

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