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Helping your people understand their role is the first step in building future success. Hundreds of companies have relied on The Metiss Group to help them understand their key roles to achieve their ultimate success: Growth.

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The Matrix Building Process

Role Definition

Having a clear understanding of role expectations is the cornerstone of success in a role. The first step is building an Accountability Matrix and Job Profile for the role so there is no mystification of expectations.
  • Org. Chart Build Out- Outlining and understanding the organizational layout for this role helps the employee and organization understand where they fit in the hierarchy.
  • This includes quantifying accountabilities, priorities, time allocations, and success factors.
  • An Avatar is the ideal set of behaviors, culture fit, and personal skills that exemplifies the perfect candidate.
  • Requirements can includes years of experience, skill sets, education background, and salary expectations.


Once we understand the role, we can now begin to understand the person. The discovery phase dives deep into the person’s natural behavioral, motivator, and leadership style.  This self discovery is an important step of helping people truly understand themselves.
  • Self Discovery- Once the role is defined, the employee will have a discovery session with one of our Advisors to understand their natural behavioral, motivator, and leadership style.
  • Manager Discovery– The employees manager will also receive a professional debrief of the results to fully understand the person working for them.
  • Role Comparison- With the role defined, we can compare the employee results to the role. This allows us to remove our biases and understand areas where further clarity is needed.


With a firm understanding of the role and the person, we construct a custom development guideline. This guideline will focus on specific areas of development from the role that was built. Paired with planned, constructive follow up, this process provides intense clarity for roles.
  • Development Plan Creation- With a firm understanding of the role and where gaps are, a custom development plan is created. This plan is collaboratively created by the employee and their manager to make sure they are working on the most pressing areas.
  • Coaching and Implementation- Once the plan has been created, our team will assist the employee in implementing some of the changes into their work environment. Using the 10-70-20 model, the employee will begin to implement the plan quickly.
  • Quarterly Reviews- Every quarter, our advisors will sit down to review the Accountability Matrix created. We will dig into areas that have changed and alter the matrix as the role evolves.

Role Clarity and Development Process

Great leaders make their people even greater. When leaders empower, support, and challenge their direct reports to improve, they find great success.

What's Included

Who is The Metiss Group?

The Metiss Group is a team of experts in behavioral science, and for the last 20 years, have been leveraging scientific rigor to discover and recruit talent for organizations with specific cultures and needs.

The three service pillars of our innovative platform comprised of Employee Selection, Performance Acceleration, and Organizational Health are designed to help businesses grow and fulfill their potential.

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