Job Definitions Should Be A Group Undertaking

Leaders are constantly struggling to find time for the important but not urgent activities. One of those activities is creating and updating the job descriptions/accountabilities for each of their direct reports. Though HR or their direct reports may help, they need to take the lead for managing this critical leadership tool. When creating or updating … Read more

How Much Effort To Spend Before Making A Hire.

Imagine an organization needs to make a $50,000 capital expenditure (equipment, IT, renovations).  Before making the investment, what actions might the team make? Would the team gather with an objective expert to discuss the specifications needed? Would they talk to several suppliers and assess various options?  Would they talk to references from the supplier to … Read more

What is an EOS Integrator?

Steve Jobs had Steve Wozniak. Bill Gates had Paul Allen. Warren Buffett had Charlie Munger. Mark Zuckerberg had Sheryl Sandberg.  What do these successful duals have in common? Each visionary leader – Jobs, Gates, Buffett, and Zuckerberg – had the good fortune of having a strong second in command to implement their vision. Whether they … Read more

There Is No Perfect New Hire

Leaders who are about to hire a candidate that seems perfect – the hard skills are ideal, they are smart, great soft skills, flawless cultural fit – should be prepared, they will likely be disappointed. The fact is there is no unblemished new hire – we all have faults. The key is finding those faults … Read more

Use One-On-One Time To Strengthen Relationship

Good Morning, It’s a fact that humans are more likely to extend themselves for another human if there is a relationship between them.  Strong relationships inspire people to go out of their way for others. An effective relationship between a leader and their direct report contributes to everyone’s success.  The best way to work on … Read more

Conduct Simple Quarterly Reviews

Students receive performance grades each three month long semester.  Public companies are required to report their performance each quarter.  Then why do most leaders review performance of direct reports annually or semi-annually?  This is particularly troublesome when studies have shown the typical leader writing a review only recalls performance over the previous six weeks. The … Read more