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Now May Be The Best Time To Upgrade Your Team

In the last few years prior to the COVID stay-at-home orders, the US experienced more than 25 months of an outrageous unemployment rate below 4.5%.  That number represents the “natural low”, meaning there is an inevitable rate of some unemployment because some people are not physically, or otherwise capable of

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Empowered Introverts Contribute More To Meetings

We all remember the quiet, shy person in high school who rarely spoke in class. The type of person who listened intently, took lots of notes, and worked hard at flying under the radar. When the teacher called on this introvert, we were all amazed at the insights offered and surprised

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Performance Reviews Should Be An Ongoing Process  

“I hate performance appraisals!” The worst part about that perspective is that both direct reports and leaders share it.  Why?  Too frequently, leaders have not kept notes and records of both positive performance and course corrections throughout the year, much less shared these observations along the way.  So while the

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