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Make Recruiting Everyone’s Responsibility

When leaders are asked what their greatest talent challenge is, most will say it’s finding “good people.”  Regardless of the economic conditions, hiring managers can never find enough top talent. Human behavior dictates talented people normally hang around other talented people.  If there are top performers on a team, there

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Use Questions, Not Statements

Too often when direct reports come to leaders with a problem, leaders speak using statements when questions are often a much better choice. When a direct report comes to a leader with an issue, solving it for them makes the leader the choke point for future problems and does little,

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Be Wary Of Loyalty Liabilities

Every leader can tell you about the hard working, tireless group of employees that helped them start their business. The leader realizes they would not have experienced success without the contributions of these loyal workers. Unfortunately as the business matures and changes, the people with whom they started their business

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