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How To Help Your Direct Reports Become Better Thinkers

More and more leaders are realizing their competitive edge lies with their talent.  And with their talent, they realize the greatest opportunity for growth is to develop their critical thinking skills. Leaders should create a safe environment for people to make mistakes and to admit thinking errors.  If this isn’t

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Focus On The Goal, Not Just The Task

What is more important? Making 20 sales calls or closing $500,000 in new sales? Conducting weekly cycle inventories or .5% inventory shrink? Publishing regular newsletters or 97% customer retention? Creating weekly collections reports or receivables less than 30 days? Attending safety classes or zero days lost to workplace injury All

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Seek Stakeholder Input When Defining A Job

Whether a leader defines jobs using a traditional job description or an Accountability Matrix, they’ll want to get input from people who interact with the individual in the job when outlining the key requirements. The leader and/or HR are generally responsible for defining the requirements for a job.  Soliciting input

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