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Make Feedback A Daily Practice  

Leaders should be providing feedback to their direct reports every day.  Often leaders want to save their feedback for the weekly one-on-one meetings or, worse, performance review sessions. Don’t overlook the importance of positive feedback – leaders should be giving much more positive feedback than course corrections.  Some effective positive

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So you think you need an Integrator…

As any reasonable Visionary, I too read Traction and RocketFuel salivating over the idea of an Integrator.  As a small business owner, I also thought: if only!  If only we could afford it.  If only we had the perfect person.  If only they could learn our business or industry.  If

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Update Job Accountabilities Regularly

Direct reports should have a job accountability matrix capturing the job’s activities, priorities, and success factors.  Job accountabilities are often used in lieu of a job description that lists the job’s requirements and expectations. Whether leaders use a job accountability matrix or a traditional job description to define their direct

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