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Screen For Core Values Early In The Selection Process

Almost all business leaders agree the most important component of their cultural fabric is their core values. Executive teams and strategic coaches have spent countless hours developing and refining these crucial organizational identifiers. Good hiring managers screen for the organization’s core values early on in the screening process to gauge

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Emphasize Core Values In Quarterly Review Sessions  

Most leaders conduct annual performance appraisals but it’s the quarterly reviews that return the biggest bang for the buck. During the less formal quarterly reviews, leaders should discuss progress against annual objectives as well as HOW those goals were accomplished.  One of the best ways to evaluate the means by which

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Set Time Frames When Empowering  

Too often leaders remember to set a completion date for their direct reports when delegating a project, but often forget the other important time frames: total time dedicated and milestone dates. By setting overall time commitments leaders provide a guideline for the depth of involvement.  For example, “Jen, I need

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