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How To Spot A Level 5 Leader

According to bestselling author Jim Collins, humility is a key ingredient of Level 5 leadership. His simple formula is Humility + Will = Level 5. “Level 5 leaders are a study in duality; modest and willful, shy and fearless,” says Collins. Collins is also a noted leadership speaker, collecting over $75,000 per

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Appreciate The Value of  Personal Accountability

The one personal skill that continues to differentiate success from mediocrity is personal accountability.  Personal accountability is defined as the ability to be responsible for the consequences of one’s actions and decisions.  Personal accountability is a personal skill that can be observed and developed. A person who has a strong sense of

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Use Multiple Science Assessments When Evaluating Candidates

On a good month, over 250,000 new jobs are created in the United States. Assessment instruments have become more common for hiring managers evaluating new hire candidates.  Hiring managers should use multiple assessments to evaluate more than one dimension of a candidate’s skill set. Whether a leader uses assessments focusing

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