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Embrace Mistakes For Enduring Success

In a recent interview two candidates were asked to describe a time they made a mistake; here are their responses: Candidate #1 – “I thoroughly prepare and plan for situations.  I then meticulously and consciously execute the plans to eliminate mistakes; I rarely fail.  Measure twice, cut once is always my mantra.” Candidate

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Core Values Should Be Included In the Selection Process

In the book “The Advantage: Why Organizational Health Trumps Everything Else In Business,” by Patrick Lencioni, he describes how a legendary company screens for their core values.  The company’s culture is built around a healthy sense of self-deprecation and humility. When candidates come in for interviews, they typically wear classic business suits, starched

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Think Empowerment When Delegating

One of the most difficult decisions for successful leaders is delegating an important task.  Once the leader finally decides what to delegate, they then need to decide how to delegate.  When delegating, the leader can take a controlling or an empowering approach.  Think empowerment. Empowerment does not have to mean surrendering control.  Effective, empowering

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