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5 Tips To Measure Your Culture

This isn’t why I started my business! This isn’t fun anymore! What’s wrong with people? Who would do that? How did we get this culture? At some point, as founders of our businesses, we had marvelous dreams. Dreams of a product or service our target market would crave, employees who

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Conduct Regular One-On-One Meetings To Save Time

Regularly scheduled one-on-one meetings between a leader and direct report are by far the most effective way to accelerate performance.  So, why is this effective performance acceleration technique ignored? The biggest reason leaders give for not conducting regular one-on-one meetings is they don’t have enough time.  Leaders should conduct weekly

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Great Teams Start With Great Hires

Right now there is a team working on the iPhone 13.  There is a team working on preventing Alzheimer’s disease. There is a team working on a vehicle that gets 100 miles per gallon. What teams are going to achieve their objective? What makes for a successful team? Patrick Lencioni in

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