Now May Be The Best Time To Upgrade Your Team

In the last few years prior to the COVID stay-at-home orders, the US experienced more than 25 months of an outrageous unemployment rate below 4.5%.  That number represents the “natural low”, meaning there is an inevitable rate of some unemployment because some people are not physically, or otherwise capable of holding down full-time jobs.  So … Read more

Update Job Accountabilities Regularly

Direct reports should have a job accountability matrix capturing the job’s activities, priorities, and success factors.  Job accountabilities are often used in lieu of a job description that lists the job’s requirements and expectations. Whether leaders use a job accountability matrix or a traditional job description to define their direct report’s job, it should be … Read more

The Best Way To Prepare For Interviews  

All good processes begin with some pre-planning and this is particularly true in the selection process.  Get crystal clear about what is needed in advance to best prepare for interviews. The most important preparation is identifying the critical activities for that job and how they should be done — give careful consideration to the traits … Read more

Personal Development Is More Than Intellectual  

Leaders are responsible for challenging their direct reports to personally grow and providing resources for their development. Leaders are not responsible for teaching, just the inspiration. On-going personal development can be of the mind (intellectual), body (physical), heart (relationships), or spirit (values).  Too often development is just focused on the intellectual (mind). There is nothing … Read more

How To Hold Remote Workers Accountable

    Recently, we’ve seen an uptick in coaching leaders on how to lead their remote teams.  Leaders are often suspicious about the productivity of remote workers.  Remote workers who previously enjoyed working for a particular leader are suddenly frustrated as they find that same leader using a micro-managing manner not previously experienced. The fact … Read more

Align Goals Throughout The Organization

Almost every company has some sort of annual goals. But, according to the Staples Small Business Survey, more than 80% of small business owners admit they don’t give enough attention to achieving them. Leaders should place more attention on aligning these targets throughout the organization. According to business thought leader James Fischer, companies that regularly … Read more

It’s What Bad Bosses Don’t Do, That Make Them Bad

When we think of bad bosses, images from the comic strip Dilbert and the television shows The Office and Mad Men come to mind.  We imagine bad bosses as those screaming, paper throwing, sexist leaders Hollywood likes to portray.  Since most leaders don’t demonstrate these behaviors, they don’t consider themselves bad bosses. However, research suggests that the offensive actions associated with … Read more

Prioritize Accountabilities, Especially During Uncertain Times

Especially during times of remote work or work from home, job accountabilities are crucial to have and review regularly. Job accountabilities are the three to five major job function groupings every job should have.  Within each of the accountabilities, there are the job function details, expected percentage of time spent, and success factors.  For added clarity … Read more