Make Reference Checks A Part Of The Selection Process

It’s hard to determine who has less respect for reference checks: hiring managers or candidates.  Today, hiring managers rarely conduct effective reference checks and, as a result, candidates have little motivation to maintain those past relationships. Brad Smart, the author of the popular book “Topgrading: The Proven Hiring and Promoting Method That Turbocharges Company Performance”, describes an … Read more

Always Be Building The Bench

Effective leaders are always “trolling for talent” and meeting and qualifying prospective new hires.  Effective hiring managers keep a file of potential new hires they have met in the last year – just in case they have an opening. Good and bad economies provide opportunities for leaders to be meeting with potential new hires.  Even … Read more

Invest In Quality Time With Direct Reports And Watch The ROI Grow

Sometimes leaders are disappointed with the performance of a direct report who was expected to be a superstar but didn’t pan out that way.  Sometimes a mediocre hire can slip through the cracks when shooting for a great hire; but other times the reason for a new hire not reaching their potential is best found … Read more

Create An Empowering Environment To Keep And Motivate All-Stars

In this economy, the number of employees voluntarily quitting is regularly surpassing the number of employees being fired or discharged, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Leaders who have treated, or continue to treat, direct reports as though “they should be lucky they have jobs” are more likely to experience hearing “I quit” as the … Read more