Make Personal Development A Group Effort

When someone first embarks on an exercise program it is difficult to stay committed.  Unless they have health issues, it’s one of those “important, not urgent” activities that frequently don’t get the proper attention. Personal and professional development is another “important, not urgent” activity. Like exercise, leaders know they are supposed to do personal development, … Read more

The Importance of One-On-One Meetings Now More Than Ever

One-on-one meetings are all about the relationship between the leader and direct report and designed to empower success both in a direct and indirect manner.  Directly, the leader and direct report both have an opportunity to discuss progress against goals and success factors.  Indirectly, one-on-ones establish trust so when issues arise, obstacles are identified, or … Read more

Invest In Quality Time With Direct Reports And Watch The ROI Grow

Sometimes leaders are disappointed with the performance of a direct report who was expected to be a superstar but didn’t pan out that way.  Sometimes a mediocre hire can slip through the cracks when shooting for a great hire; but other times the reason for a new hire not reaching their potential is best found … Read more