The Metiss Group ECR Advantage™ Training

Tired of relying on "gut feel" to make a hire?

Do you want understand more about a potential candidate before they are hired?

Since implementing the use of behavior, capability and critical thinking assessments, : O’Brien Construction Company has experienced a 91% retention rate in hiring."
Paul M.
O'Brien Constructions

How the certification process works


Begin by understanding what an ECR is and how it is different than any other assessment in the marketplace. We start by using a profile you can easily relate to and understand how the results play out in real life. 


Take a deep dive into our debriefing process, understand the four sciences, and how to interpret all together, the true power of using multiple sciences!


Once done with the understanding portion, we help you gain confidence using The Metiss Group ECR. Our team will assist with debriefs on an on-going basis as needed.

The Metiss Group
ECR Advantage™ Certification

For decades, The Metiss Group has layered multiple science assessments to provide a deeper understanding of a candidate.  Let’s face it: as humans, we’re more than one dimensional, so why would we look at an assessment that only evaluates behaviors?  It’s interesting, but just not enough.

Our combination of four sciences is unlike any other process in the marketplace and we want to help you utilize these powerful tools to grow your company. Our goal is to help you identify the right fit for your team.

We begin by administering an assessment so the participants in the certification process understand what future candidates will be asked to complete. These results will be the base of the information used during the duration 

  • Session 1 – (90 Minute Virtual)
    • Review materials
    • Discuss selection process and role of assessments
    • Discuss candidate’s experience (email, instructions, and questionnaires)
    • Discuss ECR debrief process (2 reports and 7 steps)
  • Session 2 – (90 Minute Virtual)
    • Understanding the critical thinking science (step 1)
    • Understanding the dimensional balance science (step 2)
    • Understanding the core skills (step 3)
    • Understanding the personal skills (step 4)
    • Wrap-up and Homework
  • Session 3 – (90 Minute Virtual)
    • Review Homework
    • Understanding the workplace behaviors science (step 5)
    • Understanding the workplace motivators science (step 6)
    • Understanding the TriGraph (step 7)
    • Case study
    • Wrap-up and Homework
  • Session 4 – (90 Minute Virtual)
    • Review Homework
    • Assessment administration
    • Sample debriefs
    • Q&A
  • Two post certification professional debriefs with a TMG Advisor
    • TMG Advisor debriefs candidate while certification professional observes
    • TMG Advisor debriefs candidate with certification professional support
    • Certification professional debriefs candidate with TMG Advisor support
    • Certification professional debriefs candidate while TMG Advisor observes

After certification, The Metiss Group team will be available for debrief assistance as needed. 

The Metiss Group
ECR Advantage™ Certification

What's Included

ECR Advantage™

  • Pre-Training Assessment
  • Training Materials
  • Virtual Training Sessions
  • Custom Assessment Links
All Included

What's Included

Education Credits

12 CECs that may be applied to other organizational certifications

Self Administered Links

After being certified, participants can self order ECR's at a discounted rate.

Certificate of completion

After being trained, The Metiss Group will provide a certificate of completion.

Workshop Slides

Slides that can be referenced indefinitely after the sessions are complete.

"I was a believer in assessments before training, but after looking at all four sciences combined, I couldn't believe how much more clarity I received"
Christi W.
Dir. of Employee Relations,
The Costner Group

More information

We are accepting registrants for 4, 90 minute virtual trainings, July 22nd, 23rd , 29th, and 30th from 2:30 pm – 4pm EST. 

This course is for any leader, hiring manager, or professional dissatisfied with the results of current selection efforts, left questioning the completeness or accuracy of a single-science assessment tool, and committed to driving excellence in the quality of new hires.

Resumes may sound impressive,  but they do not provide insight into whether or not an individual will actually be able to do the work successfully in your organization’s culture.


If you’ve ever used a single-science assessment, you’ve realized the benefit but inevitably, questions about a candidate or how they differ from others were left unanswered. 


With multiple sciences, you’ll have a significantly more well-rounded view of the individuals capabilities.  If you went to a doctor with chronic excruciating headaches, would they just administer a single diagnostic tool before prescribing a solution?


While no assessment can legally be the basis for a go/no-go decision, any strong assessment helps determine where to have additional healthy conversation.  A good interviewer looks for ways a candidate will be able to do the job; a GREAT interviewer looks for reasons the candidate won’t work well.  By making that shift in perspective, additional conversations can determine if a work around exists, a development plan is possible, or if the issue is a deal breaker.

This workshop consists of four comprehensive ninety minute sessions of instructor-led training and up to four one hour assessment debrief sessions with an expert assessment advisor.

Who is The Metiss Group?

The Metiss Group is a team of experts in behavioral science, and for the last 20 years, have been leveraging scientific rigor to discover and recruit talent for organizations with specific cultures and needs.

The three service pillars of our innovative platform comprised of Employee Selection, Performance Acceleration, and Organizational Health are designed to help businesses grow and fulfill their potential.

Make sure you are selecting the best candidate for your organization by using the ECR Advantage™.