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How much did your company grow last year? Did you grow your talent at least enough to keep up with company growth?

Our leadership development process helps your people outpace your company growth.

"The Metiss Group has helped create nothing short of an evolution in my company. Our literal bottom line says it all: in five years, we quadrupled revenue and are now enjoying major growth for the foreseeable future."
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How our leadership development process works


The process kicks off with a learning period about the manager. We dive deep into discovery of direct reports communication style, behavior style, and motivational make up. The manager will come away with a new understanding of how they are perceived by others and where to leverage their internal, natural habits.


The managers will take part in an interactive all day learning session diving into the 7 most important leadership practices. These 7 practices are the cornerstone of leadership and we will dive deep in understanding them and how the managers can incorporate them into their day to day.


Coming out of the session, there will be time to implement these new learned practices. Each manager will have a personal meeting with our Advisors to discuss the application of these learnings and put together an actionable development plan.

The Leadership Acceleration™ Process

We believe and have measured success with the 70-20-10 model we’ve adopted. 

In this model, 10% of the time dedicated to personal development might be in a classroom setting, 70% of the time must be invested in applying the tools and techniques to the real work environment, and 20% is getting feedback from observers (like direct reports, bosses, peers, and coaches).  This becomes an iterative loop because after getting feedback, the individual may need to learn new or additional techniques (10%) to then re-apply (70%), to gain additional feedback (20%) in order to keep fine-tuning, and progressing along the growth path.

It’s the learning, applying, and feedback loop that allows for the most development of the individual. 


Using management assessments, managers will learn about their communication style, behavior style, and motivational make up. This period of self discovery begins the leaders deeper understanding of themselves and eventually those who report to them.

This session is built to help managers understand the 7 key practices to being a phenomenal leader:

  1. Empowerment – The foundation of leadership; borders and boundaries; 
  2. Succession – Your direct reports should be continuously growing and developing. There should be business continuity even if someone is out for 6 weeks!
  3. Personal Development – Direct reports are responsible for keeping their saw sharp and growing in four key areas: Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual.
  4. Scorecard/Job Accountabilities – Job Accountabilities are the blueprints for role clarity. Once a role is understood and defined, the direct report is able to grow to take on more responsibility. Developing the wrong people is not the right solution  
  5. Feedback and Communication – Feedback is key for direct report growth and course correction. Learning the different purposes and types of feedback for different types of people is critical.
  6. One on One’s – One on One’s are by far the most effective practice to getting more out of your direct reports. Perfecting and preparing for these meetings is paramount to enhancing communication between managers and direct reports.
  7. Performance Reviews – Performance reviews are informal, quarterly meetings to review progress towards goals and discuss if direct reports are on track or off track.  
  8. Goal Setting – Clear, defined goals are important for each individual to work towards. Goals should be measurable, time bound, and aligned with the organization’s.  

Once the managers complete the session, there is a period for them to implement the practices. The managers will experiment with putting the seven Leadership Practices into their leadership style and being understanding how the practices can be implemented in their work environment.

Each manager will schedule time with our team to discuss the application period and how they have successfully or unsuccessfully implemented the practices. Our team will coach the managers on some best practices and tips to implement the practices easier or make them more impactful.

Customizing feedback based on personality type

We delineate our feedback by breaking down your team according to personality type, with specialized stragegies for each.

During our coaching sessions, a theme will appear in areas that the managers all seem to be struggling. We customize the second half day session to go deeper in these areas and make sure we are reinforcing the learnings.

After the half day session, the managers will have a firm understanding of all the seven practices and will refine how they are being implemented.

After the second application period, our team will schedule a final coaching session with each manager to discuss any issues or areas of developmental need in the seven practices. These sessions go a long way in cementing the practices and making them part of their normal managerial routine.

Great Leaders. Great Teams.

Great leaders make their people even greater. When leaders empower, support, and challenge their direct reports to improve, they find great success.

What's Included

Leadership Development

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What's Included

Custom Coaching

The dynamic, custom-tailored coaching program that Metiss is known for.

Coaching Reports

All of the training sessions, and included worksheets and reports.

Practice Worksheets

All of the training sessions, and included worksheets and reports.

Presentation Slides

Slides that can be referenced indefinitely after the sessions are complete.

Who is The Metiss Group?

The Metiss Group is a team of experts in behavioral science, and for the last 20 years, have been leveraging scientific rigor to discover and recruit talent for organizations with specific cultures and needs.

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