Communication Tip When Communicating To A Dominating Personality Style

Whether it is intended or not, most people when in buying or customer mode take on the characteristics of a “dominating” personality style.  It’s a natural defensive posture most people assume when they are concerned someone may take advantage of them.

The best way to present to these buyers or customers when they are in that mode is to be direct and to the point.  Don’t waste time with unnecessary small talk and overwhelming facts and figures.  Get directly to the bottom line.  Use the BLUF (Bottom Line Up Front) model when communicating. Keep the conversation concise, focused, and on the immediate topic.  They will be impressed with an efficient, no-nonsense, business-like manner.

Leaders should heed Peter Drucker’s advice, “Communication is what the listener does.”

A customize delivery to the style of the listener empowers successful conversations.

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