Conduct Regular One-On-One Meetings To Save Time

Regularly scheduled one-on-one meetings between a leader and direct report are by far the most effective way to accelerate performance.  So, why is this effective performance acceleration technique ignored?

Two Colleagues in a One on One MeetingThe biggest reason leaders give for not conducting regular one-on-one meetings is they don’t have enough time.  Leaders should conduct weekly 30-minute meetings.  A leader with six direct reports would need to allocate three hours per week.

How does investing in regularly scheduled one-on-one meetings save time for leaders?

  • Both the direct report and leader save minor discussion topics for this meeting rather than interrupting each other continuously throughout the week.
  • Minor issues are addressed before they become full-fledged, time-consuming problems.
  • Leaders’ tasks can be delegated in a venue allowing much easier follow-up.

Skeptical leaders should try conducting one-on-ones with one of their direct reports for six weeks; they’ll find they have more time, a better relationship, and a very disappointing direct report should they stop the meetings.

Leaders who use one-on-one meetings to empower direct reports experience more success and have more time.

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