Core Values Should Be Included In the Selection Process

In the book “The Advantage: Why Organizational Health Trumps Everything Else In Business,” by Patrick Lencioni, he describes how a legendary company screens for their core values.  The company’s culture is built around a healthy sense of self-deprecation and humility. When candidates come in for interviews, they typically wear classic business suits, starched shirts and ties.  The male candidates are asked to exchange their suit pants for khaki shorts and complete the remainder of the interview (which includes a tour of headquarters) wearing the shorts.  The candidates in their suit coat, shirt, tie, dark socks, shiny shoes, and silly shorts are demonstrating one of the company’s core values. Many candidates object and opt-out of the process on the spot; others humbly embrace the notion and continue with the interview.

Core values are critical to companies and if candidates cannot embrace them while seeking the job, they surely won’t live them on the job.

Puzzle with Scattered Pieces

A great tool The Metiss Group has implemented in hundreds of organizations is the Core Value Email (CVE) Screen. This simple, effective tool allows you to screen for Core Value fit early in the process. The CVE also gauges candidate responsiveness, writing abilities, along with Core Value alignment. Empowered hiring managers challenge their candidates to demonstrate their core values and continue to have successful organizations.

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