Create An Empowering Environment To Keep And Motivate All-Stars

In this economy, the number of employees voluntarily quitting is regularly surpassing the number of employees being fired or discharged, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Leaders who have treated, or continue to treat, direct reports as though “they should be lucky they have jobs” are more likely to experience hearing “I quit” as the economy and the options improve.

Of course, the employees who are most likely to leave are the superstars, because they are most desired by other employers who promise to treat them like gold.

What’s important to understand is this isn’t all about money.  Ask these empowering questions:

  • Has positive feedback and course corrections been provided that allow direct reports to hone their skills and reach exceptional levels of performance?
  • Have personal development plans and succession plans been encouraged?
  • Does everyone have goals aligned with the organization’s goals?
  • Have there been candid, timely performance reviews?
  • Are superstars met with one-on-one to know what’s important to them, their success, and build a strong foundation for an ongoing relationship?

Leaders who empower direct reports for success keep their all-stars in good and bad times.

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