Describe The Person In Ads, Not The Activities

The best way to source candidates for open positions is by tapping into an existing network.  Sending emails to connections and leveraging your LinkedIn network will turn up the prime candidates.

When sending these emails or postings it’s best to focus more on the “soft skills” sought and less on the “hard skills.”  Remember most leaders hire for hard skills but fire for soft skills.  By describing the personal characteristics needed, contacts will better recall someone they know who is the ideal fit.
Person Solving Puzzle

Consider these two approaches and which one is more likely to conjure up a person you’d recommend:

Wanted: A receptionist capable of typing 100 words per minute; able to answer multiple incoming phone lines; greets and directs visitors; 10+ years experience with a fortune 500 company.
Seeking: A receptionist who loves word processing; whose smile you can sense over the phone; immediately makes visitors feel comfortable when they visit us; thrives in a fast-paced multi-tasking environment.

Empowered hiring managers describe the soft skills they need when looking to fill a position for more successful hires.

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