Hire For Hard Skills, Fire For Soft Skills.

All too often leaders make hiring decisions based on a candidate’s hard skill set. Hiring managers fall in love with the fact that a candidate possesses a hard to find technical skill and overlook other aspects of the candidate they may soon regret.

The fact of the matter is, most hires are made based on a candidate’s technical skills or experience and most terminations are for an employee’s lack of personal skills.  The selection process should include an in depth evaluation of a candidate’s personal skills, at least including:

  • How they get along with others;
  • Personal accountability;
  • Results orientation;
  • Critical thinking;
  • Self-management.

Imagine the hard skills needed for a new hire two years ago.  How important are those skills today?  Are the hard skills from two years ago more important than personal accountability or critical thinking today? When most leaders are asked if they would hire someone again given what they know today, the answer depends on the employee’s soft skills.

Empower hiring managers to select for soft skills, and they’ll have more successful hires.

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