How To Be On The Same Page With Your Integrator

How exciting! You’ve made the big leap. You went from dreaming about one day not needing to be the one who handles all the day to day operations of your organization, to planning how you would accomplish that, and finally hiring someone. If you were fortunate to use our SelectAdvantage™ process for identifying a scorecard for your own role, your transition to your new Integrator and on-boarding should be rather smooth…but, then what?

The Accountability Matrix we facilitated with you and your team created phenomenal clarity on the role of the Integrator and why that individual was needed, NOW! As a result, the new hire has little ambiguity around their role. They understand what needs to be done, how well it needs to be done, and how they’re expected to spend their time.

In Rocket Fuel, by Gino Wickman and Mark C. Winters, they emphasize the importance of the same page meeting for the Visionary and Integrator to remain on the same page. We know universally, our mind-reading skills are rusty at best. The format they recommend in the book is a great idea for weekly discussions between you and your Integrator, but may not be enough.

We recommend a quarterly review of the Accountability Matrix to eliminate confusion, prevent miscommunication, and accelerate performance for both of you. There may be times, like in the first few months, after some major disruption, or if performance is less than desired when it makes sense to review monthly.

During these monthly or quarterly reviews, both Accountability Matrix’s should be reviewed. If your priorities and focus have changed, the odds are good that’s going to impact the Integrator’s Accountability Matrix. You can adjust priorities, percentage of time spent, and activities in various categories to make sure expectations are in sync with each other. Also, both of you should be reviewing the Success Factors in each Accountability Matrix; it’s designed so each success factor may be answered yes, no, incomplete, or n/a, along with a space for notes when appropriate.

The review of these Accountability Matrix’s facilitates open and candid discussion around any shifts in focus or priorities so that no one is disappointed. You can undertake the implementation of a new ERP, CRM, or other significant process change without much disruption. If you’ve ever done that before, you KNOW that will require some discussion about what other resources might need to be employed, or what other projects may need to be temporarily shelved.

Making the giant leap of faith to hire an Integrator can and should propel your organization forward. If you’re creating and clarifying a great vision, your Integrator should be able to orchestrate great execution from the organization to achieve that vision. Don’t leave the realization of your vision to chance by just hoping you’re on the same page. Take your same page meetings to the next level for clarity, sanity, and success.

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