How To Manage Staff During Unpredictable Times

We, at The Metiss Group, understand everyone is struggling to keep balance through these uncertain times and our hearts go out to all our clients and friends.

Our goal is to help make a difference by providing information and services that could be of benefit to your organization over the next few weeks and or months.

  • We are hosting a Webinar on March 25th from 12pm-1pm on Tips for Conducting Effective Video Interviews. Space is limited. Click Here To Register
  • Employees might be feeling anxious or nervous and have increased stress levels which could affect their decision making and or customer interactions. If you want to understand and help those who have lower morale, our Metiss Assessments and debrief can be of benefit.
  • We also, unfortunately, had some clients recently approach us for help on how to effectively reduce staff without jeopardizing business in the long run. This is definitely a subject matter that we do not take lightly. With that said, The Metiss Group has developed a Talent Check-Up to help you understand who you should consider during these times.

The Talent Check-Up will answer some of the following questions:

  • What are my current situation pains?
  • Why a systematic approach is important?
  • How do you know you need the TMG Talent Analyzer tool?
  • What happens after you apply the tool?
  • How do you get started?

Take a moment and watch this video which will walk you through how we can help answer these questions. Click here

We are here for you and will do anything possible to help you through these times. Please email or call us to schedule a time to discuss further.

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