It’s Time To Update Job Accountabilities

As we draw near the close of the first quarter, it is a great time to update job accountabilities. All direct reports should have a job accountability matrix capturing the job’s activities, priorities, and success factors.  Job accountabilities are often used in lieu of a job description that lists the job’s requirements and expectations.
Colleagues Collaborating on iPad
Whether leaders use a job accountability matrix or a traditional job description to scope their direct report’s job, it should be reviewed and updated regularly.  The best time to revisit job accountabilities is during the quarterly performance review session.  By reviewing the accountabilities regularly, both the leader and direct report are reminded of what is important.

Do not assume the job’s description is static and cannot be changed.  The document is a dynamic, evolving view of the job and should be updated as the job evolves or changes.  The direct report should be responsible for “owning” this responsibility and keeping the leader apprised of changes.

Leaders who empower their direct reports to manage and update their job accountabilities position them for success.

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