Make Personal Development A Group Effort

When someone first embarks on an exercise program it is difficult to stay committed.  Unless they have health issues, it’s one of those “important, not urgent” activities that frequently don’t get the proper attention. Personal and professional development is another “important, not urgent” activity. Like exercise, leaders know they are supposed to do personal development, but often don’t get around to it.  Similar to exercise, some are better at it than others and everyone feels better when they have finished.

Most regular exercisers say that having workout buddies is what keeps them going and that is the key to effective personal development. Leaders should encourage their team to commit to working on similar developmental opportunities.  Group accountability is a great motivator.

One of the easiest development approaches is for the group to all read the same book.  The synergies and sharing coming out of the group as they recount parts of the book are amazing.  One leader we work with had his whole team read/reread Stephen Covey’s “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” then as a group talk about how to apply the principles to their business.  The individuals benefited from personal growth, the team developed a greater bond, and the organization became more efficient – win-win-win.

Leaders who empower their team to grow together experience more success both for themselves and their team.

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