Take Your Business To The Next Level. We Can Help You Find Your EOS® Integrator.

Why Use Us To Find Your Integrator?

An Integrator for your company running on EOS®

Our process helps you understand what you need your Integrator to do, and we use the Visionary’s Accountability Matrix to delineate responsibilities between the Integrator and Visionary.

Multi-dimensional assessments & Expert interviewing

The Selection Process involves a series of assessments, ranging from psychology surveys to phone and in-person interviews to understand your candidates on multiple dimensions.

Expert Reports, Debriefs And Guidance

After collecting hundreds or thousands of data points we guide you through our findings and make our recommendations through comprehensive reports, with the People Track in mind.

"After working with The Metiss Group and following the Selection Process, I finally have the Integrator to see my Vision through."
Curt R.
Autumn Insurance

What's Included:

EOS Integrator Selection Process

Metiss Expertise for companies running EOS
Call for Pricing
  • Job Accountability Matrices (2)
  • Job Profile
  • Posting Game Plan
  • 4 Bundled Assessments
  • New Hire Onboarding
All Included

What's Included

Here are some of the reports and assessments included in addition to hands on coaching, briefing, and debriefing throughout the process:

Accountability Matrix

Discover core functions that need to be filled.

Job Profile Report

Delineate key skills and attributes the perfect candidate needs

4 Bundled Assessments

Multivariate assessments for all aspects of your hire

Comparison Report

Analytics and weighted metrics on your candidates

Organizations helped
Candidates Evaluated
Successful hires
Matrices Built

Who is EOS Worldwide?

Feel confident in your Integrator search through a scientifically rigorous, statistically-driven recruitment process.