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Thousands of companies have relied on the proven Selection Process to find the talent (key hire) that matches both their unique needs and their company culture.

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The Science of Choosing the Right People

Statistically-Driven Recruitment Methodology

We take the guesswork and emotion out of the recruitment process by identifying crucial skill and culture needs and applying a data-driven approach to measure and compare them.

Multi-dimensional assessments & testing

We use a series of assessments, ranging from psychology surveys to phone and in-person interviews to understand your candidates on multiple dimensions.

EXPERT reports, debriefs, and guidance

After collecting hundreds or thousands of data points on your candidates, we guide your hiring manager through our findings and make our recommendations through comprehensive reports and experts.

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How the Selection Process Works

STEP 1 Define


During the Definition phase, we work with your leadership team in an intensive session to get to know the job itself, including what skills will be necessary, and what kind of cultural fits need to be made.  We then create a vision for the ideal candidate, known as an Avatar, before we begin the screening process.

This includes quantifying accountabilities, priorities, time allocations, and success factors.

An Avatar is the ideal set of behaviors, culture fit, and personal skills that exemplifies the perfect candidate.

Requirements can includes years of experience, skill sets, education background, and salary expectations.

STEP 2 Screen


In the screening process, we create a job description using high-converting recruiting language to find candidates from the highest quality national sources, then conduct a rigorous screening process that includes a phone interview, an email screen, and in-person interview.

We network with potential candidates, post online to attract talent, and screen resumes.

During the phone screen, we take the time to confirm resume & job requirements, discuss desired salary, and ask job-specific questions.

At this stage, we use email to gauge responsiveness and follow-through, evaluate writing abilities, and consider core value alignment.

STEP 3 Analyze


During analysis, we thoroughly assess the behaviors, skills, and characteristics of the suitable candidates using scientifically proven metrics like the Hartman Value Profile.  We get data on all dimensions of employee characteristics, and condense the raw data into easy-to-understand reports.

We take a closer look at behaviors, cultural fit, personal skills, and critical thinking abilities.

We compare candidates to the avatar, identify additional questions, and determine candidate direction.

A review where we ask focused, behavior-based questions, probe job fit gaps, and understand leadership needs.

A deep-dive interview process to understand any issues or gaps, as well as follow up on performance check insights.

STEP 4 Accelerate


Once we’ve honed in on the ideal candidate, we shift gears into getting them up to speed and performing optimally for your organization as soon as possible.  The acceleration stage begins after the candidate has started, and consists of a debrief with the hiring manager to share our assessment results and recommendations for the best possible outcomes.

We offer a leadership assessment, results debrief, and leadership coaching in preparation for your newly chosen candidate.

We also provide a profile debrief, and individual coaching to get the recruit up to speed as quickly as possible.

In the final stage, we have a joint debrief with all parties involved, reviewing the comparison report and the scorecard with the new hire for the first time.

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Full Selection Process

Maximizing Metiss Expertise
Call for Pricing
  • Job Accountability Matrix
  • Job Profile
  • Posting Game Plan
  • 4 Bundled Assessments
  • New Hire Onboarding
All Included

What's Included

Here are some of the reports and assessments included in addition to hands on coaching, briefing, and debriefing throughout the process:

Accountability Matrix

Discover core functions that need to be filled.

Job Profile Report

Delineate key skills and attributes the perfect candidate needs

4 Bundled Assessments

Multivariate assessments for all aspects of your hire

Comparison Report

Analytics and weighted metrics on your candidates

Looking for a la carte assessments?

The Selection Process is meant to be a start-to-finish solution for talent sourcing, but sometimes companies request specific assessments on their own. Please contact The Metiss Group directly if you're interested in one of these services.

Who is The Metiss Group?

The Metiss Group is a team of experts in behavioral science, and for the last 20 years, have been leveraging scientific rigor to discover and recruit talent for organizations with specific cultures and needs.

The three service pillars of our innovative platform comprised of Employee Selection, Performance Acceleration, and Organizational Health are designed to help businesses grow and fulfill their potential.

Make scientifically rigorous, statistically-driven decisions when recruiting for critical positions in your organization.