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We understand reduction in the workforce is always hard. With that said, it’s obvious to know the folks we’d hold onto at all costs, and can admit there are those we should probably have cut loose a while ago. But then what?

The Talent Analyzer™ Model

An objective way to rank your team based on your criteria
  • What are my current situation pains?
  • What are my current situation pains?
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The Metiss Group has developed a Talent Analyzer™ to help with this process and answer some of the following questions:

When making staff reductions, the first pass of employees is often clear. What happens next?  How do I plan the not so obvious reductions?

Having a systematic approach allows leaders to reduce biases in the process.  Our process makes it fair and aligns with the organizations culture. 

Staff reductions are emotional and are very tough decisions. This often falls on the CEO or division leader to make and can’t be delegated. 

This tool helps organizations that are downsizing multiple employees or even whole units. This tool is fair, objective, and aligned with the organizations culture. This also helps leadership teams evaluate who they need to let go. 

When you use the tool, next steps become clearer. With steps understood, companies can create an actionable staffing plan for each department. 

To begin, start by defining the work areas that need to be reduced and identify key culture characteristics to measure against. From there, our team will help with a talent review. 

The Metiss Group has conducted over 200 outplacement procedures across all levels of business. We provide expert facilitation and behavior expertise to help employees land on their feet.  

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Cyndi Gave explains a process for working through staff reductions

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