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"The Metiss Group has helped create nothing short of an evolution in my company. Our literal bottom line says it all: in five years, we quadrupled revenue and are now enjoying major growth for the foreseeable future."
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Our SalesAdvantage Approach


The process begins with understanding three difficult or challenging prospects. These challenging prospects or clients are real and will be a part of the session! We start by describing what makes them uniquely challenging and different.  We set the descriptions aside, but don’t worry, we will return to them later! 


During the first half day session, we dive deep in DISC and Workplace Motivators. These two sciences help us understand others and are the cornerstone to beginning to connect with prospects. Each of us has different behavior and motivator make up and this is often where sales begin to fall apart.


The second half day session relies on the understanding of DISC and Workplace Motivators. In this session, you will learn how to master adapting behaviors and motivators to connect with prospects. This deeper connection creates life long customers. 

The SalesAdvantage Process

Over two half days, participants will discover their behavior and motivational make up as well as being to understand their prospects. Often times, sales funnels get clogged with opportunities that aren’t moving because:

                  • Communication styles aren’t being met

                  • Their are motivator/motivator conflicts

                  • Social cues are being misunderstood

Confidentially identify 3 difficult or challenging prospects/clients (real, not imagined and not combined characteristics)

Describe each unique person with the first words that come to mind and set aside.

We will revisit at the end of the second session to identify the profile of each individual, and logical next steps

Understand the value of individuals with high and low side characteristics of D-I-S-C

Based on your profile, how are you perceived by others? What are the pros and cons?

What inspires us or motivates us to take action?

What gives us gratification in our work?

What motivators might be at play for our economic decision makers?

Explore why Motivators play a big role in the buying process. 

How do you recognize DISC in others? Learn tips to understand:

  • Tone of Voice
  • Body Language
  • Words
  • Pace
  • Email Behaviors

Now that you know your style and that of others, how do you adapt your:

  • Tone of Voice?
  • Body Language?
  • Words?
  • Pace?
  • Email Behaviors?

Each behavioral trait has a specific buying style. How do we quickly identify and react to each?

Motivators are often harder to understand compare to DISC styles. Once you can identify and adapt to the buyers behavioral and motivational preferences, the sales moves towards relational and away from transactional. 

When there is friction, in a relationship, workplace, or even in a sales call, it is often a Motivator/Motivator conflict. We dive into identifying landmines early on and how to avoid them. 

Now that we are armed with information to connect with our prospects, what can we do to better connect with out difficult prospects? 

The Metiss Group offers insights into how companies can hire better sales people without the traditional "wait and see" approach.

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Who is The Metiss Group?

The Metiss Group is a team of experts in behavioral science, and for the last 20 years, have been leveraging scientific rigor to discover and recruit talent for organizations with specific cultures and needs.

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