The #1 Reason Employees Quit Their Job

We all know that the current job market is very tight for hiring new team members. What you may not be considering is that it is also a good time for your current employees to jump ship. In these times, it is critical that you retain your good employees.

What is the #1 reason employees quit their job?  According to employees, it’s their direct supervisor.

Study after study shows that is the answer more than 97% of the time employees are surveyed!

In fact, it came up so often, the folks conducting these studies went back and
specifically asked what is it about their supervisor that’s making them crazy.
Consistently, it turned out to be these 7 things in no particular order:

1. Job not as expected
2. Job doesn’t fit talents and interests
3. No hope for career growth
4. Little or no feedback/coaching
5. Feel devalued and unrecognized
6. Feel overworked and stressed out
7. Lack of trust or confidence in leaders

Some of these are a result of a poor selection process; some are a result of poor
leadership acceleration processes. Whatever the cause businesses can take steps to keep valuable team members.

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