Use Multiple Science Assessments When Evaluating Candidates

On a good month, over 250,000 new jobs are created in the United States. Assessment instruments have become more common for hiring managers evaluating new hire candidates.  Hiring managers should use multiple assessments to evaluate more than one dimension of a candidate’s skill set.
Behavioral Science Pie Chart

Whether a leader uses assessments focusing on behavioral styles (Myers-Briggs, DISC), personal skills (Hartman Value Profile, DNA), or critical thinking (Watson-Glaser, Ravens,) it is important to evaluate more than one aspect of a candidate’s work skill set.  Everyone has multiple sets of skills and relies on different skill sets for different aspects of their job.

Hiring managers should try to assess as many of these skill sets as possible and not rely on just one assessment type.  Hiring managers also should be cautious that no assessment should be the go/no go factor of the selection process.  Instead, hiring managers should use assessments to determine where to probe more fully in interviews and reference checks.

Empowered hiring managers use multiple assessment tools in evaluating new hires and experience more successful hires and less turnover.

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