Use Time Percentages With Job Accountabilities

Why should a leader bother indicating the percentage of time they’d expect an individual to spend on various accountabilities within a job?

That question is often best answered with other questions:

What happens if an HR person wants to spend 50% of their time in compliance and 20% in benefits administration but the organization needs the individual to spend 30% in recruiting and 40% in talent development?

How about the salesperson who wants to spend 40% of their time nurturing existing client relationships and 30% of their time networking?  But the organization knows from previous experience the position requires at least 50% of the time cold calling to and 25% in elaborate proposals and reporting?

On the surface, assigning percentages of time for accountabilities seems like an easy step to skip because it’s assumed “it’s obvious!”   However, it can be the deciding factor for an individual to deselect themselves from consideration in a job and a predictability factor of success for any incumbent.

Organizations empowered to identify time percentages in their job accountability descriptions experience more success.


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