What’s The Best Way For An Entrepreneurial Minded Leader To Lead?

In Daniel Goleman’s 1995 ground breaking book “Emotional Intelligence,” he identifies five components of emotional intelligence.  The foundational component is self-awareness – the ability to recognize and understand one’s self to be able to adapt or regulate one’s behavior to effectively interact with others.  Most great leaders are known for their emotional intelligence and it all begins with self-awareness.Person Staring into a Puddle

Entrepreneurial minded Visionary leaders have many special characteristics that separate them from traditional leaders.  Understanding these differentiators is essential for Visionary leaders as their unique abilities can either propel their organization or sink it.

There are several means by which leaders can develop self-awareness: feedback from others, self reflection, and self assessment are the most common.  Of these approaches, the easiest way for entrepreneurial minded Visionary leaders to develop self-awareness is to complete a science-based self assessment.

However, finding a quality leadership self assessment for Visionary leaders is no easy task.  A recent Google search for leadership assessments returned 695,000,000 results!  Page one of the search returned 15 options, 5 of which were advertisements.  A well meaning Visionary leader would have a difficult time knowing which assessment is best for their self-awareness.

A good assessment should include multiple sciences and focus on more than their leadership behavioral style.  Complementary behavioral assessments include Workplace Motivators, Personal Skills, and Cognitive Capacity.  Though a robust assessment may provide a lot of self-awareness, most entrepreneurial minded visionaries are challenged to sit down and fill out an extensive questionnaire.

The Metiss Group’s Visionary Leadership Assessment is a comprehensive, multi-science assessment providing leaders with insights to their Visionary uniquenesses and can be completed in less than 15 minutes.  The self-awareness this tool creates is critical for Visionary leaders to leverage their talents.

Every successful entrepreneurial minded leader’s journey includes continued self-awareness. Click here to take a free Visionary Leadership Assessment and immediately receive the 48 page leadership report.

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