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The Metiss Group has worked with entrepreneurial minded leaders and organizations with Chief Operating Officer and key hiring recruitment services, succession planning, leadership development, and culture alignment for over 25 Years.

We guarantee if you use our hiring and coaching processes, the hire you make will be successful one year from hire date or we will apply our process for your next hire at no charge. Call Us At: (704) 837-0696

Need Help With Succession Planning?
The Metiss Group Has Solutions.

Does Your Company Have A Succession Plan For Every Key Position Including The Leader?

The Metiss Group can help you prepare for a succession or transition of leadership as well as succession of key employees within your organization. Our Succession Planning and Selection Services can help you prepare and find the perfect succession solution for your company & culture.

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Our proven process helps you find the right person for your organization.


Create and grow great leaders who will grow your organization.


Speaking engagements with Cyndi Gave, founder of The Metiss Group.

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Successful hires
Matrices Built

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"I finally realized, after working with The Metiss Group and following the selection process, that hiring really doesn’t have to be a crap shoot."
Ivan B
General Manager,
Delaco Kasle Processing

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